French restaurant in Seijo, Tokyo

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DÉGUSTATION|French restaurant in Seijo, Tokyo


The French restaurant "DÉGUSTATION" is located a mere 3-minute walk from the "Seijo Gakuen-mae" station on the Odakyu Line.

"DÉGUSTATION" in French means "wine tasting" or "small plate dishes."
The name was inspired by the desire for guests to savor each bite, paired perfectly with wine.

Indulge in meals brimming with seasonal flavors made from fresh ingredients, accompanied by a diverse selection of wines.

DÉGUSTATION|French restaurant in Seijo, Tokyo


Our menu is designed as a set course featuring seasonal ingredients.

We offer a comprehensive dining experience, from appetizers to desserts.

At "DÉGUSTATION", savor the exquisite pairing of wines and beverages with seasonal dishes.


DÉGUSTATION|French restaurant in Seijo, Tokyo

Owner Chef Hiroaki Kobuna

Born on July 25, 1972, in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture.

Graduated from the Osaka Tsuji Culinary Institute and went on to train at Restaurant "La Hütte" in Gunma, French Restaurant "Cassine" in Tokyo, and the "Prince Hotel" in Kitakyushu.
Seeking to elevate his culinary expertise, he traveled to France for advanced training.
After returning to Japan, he opened his own restaurant "DÉGUSTATION" at the age of 32.

Throughout his training, he discovered the magic of wine and went on to become a sommelier.


Address2-37-11, Seijo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
OpeningBy Reservation Only
ClosedTuesday, Wednesday