Shaved ice creations by the French restaurant "DÉGUSTATION".

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"DÉGUSTATION" is a beloved French restaurant in Seijo, Tokyo, that has been cherished by many customers for years.

Drawing upon the culinary expertise and knowledge of ingredient selection cultivated over time, we create shaved ice desserts with a meticulous focus on both ice and ingredients.

Each serving is carefully hand-shaved, so we operate exclusively by reservation.

We are committed to offering shaved ice experiences that surprise and delight. We invite you to savor this unique treat.

Tokyo Shaved ice - Kakigori | DÉGUSTATION


The shaved ice at "DÉGUSTATION" is made using the rare ice from "Yatsuyoshi", a purveyor renowned as one of the few natural ice producers in Japan.

This natural ice, slowly frozen in nature's cold, boasts a high purity, free from impurities. Its lack of air bubbles and high transparency give it a beauty all its own.

Furthermore, for the ingredients paired with this natural ice, we personally visit farmers across the country. We select only those ingredients that we've seen and tasted ourselves, and are fully convinced of their quality.

Our ever-changing monthly menu is crafted with the aim of offering shaved ice that allows you to experience the seasons, not just limited to summer. We strive to provide a unique treat with each serving.


Tokyo Shaved ice - Kakigori | DÉGUSTATION

Owner Chef Hiroaki Kobuna

At the French restaurant "DÉGUSTATION", years have been dedicated to crafting dishes that bring joy to our guests.
After discovering the art of shaved ice, a newfound passion for broadening culinary expressions emerged, leading to a daily pursuit of innovative styles and sauces.

Tokyo Shaved ice - Kakigori | DÉGUSTATION

Shaved ice creator KUMIKO

Highly praised for the skill in ice shaving, receiving extensive coverage in various media.
The discernment and handling of the ice and the shaving equipment is something even Chef Kobuna holds in high regard, and the quality of the shaved ice delights many guests.


Address2-37-11, Seijo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
OpeningBy Reservation Only
ClosedTuesday, Wednesday


Guidelines for Your Visit

1. Payments are cash-only.
2. A maximum of one person per reservation slot.
3. If you're coming with an infant or baby stroller, please notify us in advance.
4. We kindly ask that patrons do not visit with toddlers.
Children of elementary school age or older who can consume at least one serving are welcome, but please inform us beforehand.

You can make a reservation via the link below on TableCheck.

Reservation for the shaved ice